Kathy Lee and Hoda's Community All-Stars

Philadelphia Chess Society
Today Show
Kathy Lee Gifford
Hoda Kotb

The Today Show

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb asked viewers to tell them why the  all-stars in their communities deserve to win $10,000 from Hardee’s –  and Tuesday, they reveal the contest winner! Jessica of Lancaster,  Pennsylvania, nominated her brother, Jason, who coaches a children’s  chess team.

(October 23rd, 2018)

Philly’s All-Girl Chess Team Heads to Championships

NBC News
Erin Coleman
Philadelphia Chess Society
All-Girls Nationals

NBC 10

Members  of the Philadelphia Chess Society are on their way to Chicago for the  2019 KCF All-Girls National Chess Championship. Coach Gabrielle Moshier  and 8th grade player Diana Melendez talk about what draws them to the  game.

(April 4th, 2019)

Philly Program Takes 40 Girls to Chess Competition

NBC News
Rosemary Connors
Philadelphia Chess Society
S. Weir Mitchell School
High School Nationals

NBC 10

Philadelphia Chess Society is taking 40 local  students to an all-girls chess competition in Chicago next month. A few  students sit down with NBC10 to share some of the opportunities that  this program has provided them. 

(March 15th, 2018)

US Chess Women’s Program Grant Recipients Announced


Chess Life Online
US Chess is delighted to announce the recipients of the US Chess Women’s  Program Grant, funded by a generous gift in partnership with the Saint  Louis Chess Club. (July 16th, 2019)

Philly Girls Take Chicago: "I Feel I'm Unstoppable"


  Chess Life Online

(May 23rd, 2019)

From Princess Leias to Queens of Chicago: the 16th KCF AGN


Chess Life Online
(April 16th, 2019)

The Perpetual Chess Podcast ______________________________

Perpetual Chess Podcast
Philadelphia Chess Society
Ben Johnson

Episode 123

This week on Perpetual Chess, I would like to spotlight some of the ways  that people are using chess as a vehicle to make a difference in the  world. I am happy to say that there are countless qualified guests to  choose from in this regard, and it was hard to limit myself to only 2  segments. As you will hear, the guests in both segments have great  stories to tell.

(April 23rd, 2019)

Girls Club: From Schaumburg to Nashville


Chess Life Online
(March 30th, 2019)

Chess Love In The 'City of Brotherly Love'


In some cities and towns, chess teachers and programs are competitive on and off the board. But ChessKid encourages you to start 2019 in a more cooperative way. Here's a great story of a city's chess programs banding together for the good of all kids.

(January 7th, 2019)

Mid-Atlantic Girls Regional A Big Success ______________________________

Washington DC
Philadelphia Chess Society
Robin Ramson

Chess Life Online

(November 1st, 2018)

Chess, and the Power of Girls to Identify Themselves as Leaders


Plan Philly  

(July 18th, 2018)

Checkmating Violence in Philadelphia ______________________________


  Chess Life Online

(February 4th, 2018)